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Is Buying A Rental Property In the Greater Montreal Area Useful?

Investing your hard-earned money into something can be a tricky affair. You never know whether you will gain from it or will you will lose your money. However, some investments worth taking up a risk, such as investing in real estate.

Many people have the sentiment of why renting a house if they can afford to buy it. Buying a property will not only become one of your secure assets, but it may also become a source of income for you if you are not going to use it as your home. 

If you are looking for a property in the Greater Montreal Area first, consider your residential status. It may vary in two different ways. Either you are a permanent resident of Canada and looking for a property or staying elsewhere for professional purposes. You are looking for a means to utilize your idle money by investing in real estate.

In both cases, the approach should be different. So rather than being fully self-dependent, you should consult with an established property management firm.

These professionals are experienced and well aware of the market situation, and they can guide you well in this matter.

However, if you want to have a basic idea about the pros and cons of buying a rental property, then we are here to help you get a clear picture of it.

First, let’s look at the benefits you will gain if you buy a rental property in the Greater Montreal Area.

Pros of buying a rental property –

Having an asset 

Buying a house means you are adding an asset to your financial statement. It makes you financially strong, and this is something on which you can depend if you are ever in any major financial crisis.

A potential source of income

Many people buy houses and then rent it out to other people.  Renting out properties becomes a source of income. However, you also have to keep in mind that there may not be a continuous flow of income from house rent as your house may not have tenants throughout the year. But it still it is a pretty good option for passive income.

Tax benefit

Owning a house comes with many added expenses, like property taxes, insurance premiums, maintenance costs, various utility bills, etc. So, if your expense on the house property exceeds your income from house rent, then the amount of loss that you will suffer will be reduced from your other income. This will lead to less payment of taxes to the government.

Chance of growth in property value

In the long-term, your property’s value increases, maybe due to the development of its locality, and you will gain a lot from your house.

If you have rented it out, then also you can increase the amount of rent, and even if you decide to sell it, at any point, then you will get a lot more than the amount with which you had bought the place.

Now, let’s check what hurdles you can face.

Cons of buying a rental property –

Financial stability

Without having strong financial stability, entering the real estate market will not be an intelligent decision. You should have a ready fund of a minimum of US$25,000, as in most cases, you have to make an instant payment of at least 20-35% of the property’s total cost. So, having financial support is essential.

Maintenance cost

Your work does not end at only purchasing it. There will be recurring expenses for maintaining the house. So, you should have a steady source of liquid cash.


Buying a rental property seems like a sound investment plan, but it involves a lot of pre-planning and post-maintenance hazards. 

If you want to avoid all this pressure, better visit a property management firm, take up all your responsibilities, from maintaining it to collecting rent, and finding out suitable tenants for your house.

The only thing you have to worry about is taking up the financial pressure. If you are confident that you are financially ready, then you should definitely go for it.

MTL GROUP is a property management and financing company, operating in the Greater Montreal area in Quebec. Our professionals are just a phone call away to assist you with your property management and financing needs.

Property Management

6 Reasons That Can Lower The Value Of Your House Property

The real estate market is always volatile. You never know when it will go on an upswing or when it will go down. But that is what makes the market more interesting. Sometimes uncertainties compel people to make some impulsive decisions, which may help you get a buyer for your property even when the market is at its peak, and the prices are high.

Similarly, there is also a chance that the market will remain low for a prolonged period, which will lead to a reduction in your property’s value.

Here we are to make you aware of different reasons which can cause this reduction.

1. Interest rates

Many people buy houses using borrowed funds. So, the interest rates on those loans affect the purchasing power of the people to a great extent. 

With a sudden rapid increase in the interest rates, the payments of interest on the funds have also increased. This has badly hit the real estate market, as people are not much willing to buy any property.

2. Inflation rates

To overcome the situation of inflation, the central bank often raises interest rates. And as we all know that a whole circle of inflation stays for quite a long time, so due to the high price, people may refrain from purchasing any property.

However, some homeowners consider this as a long-term inflation hedge.

3. Suppression of demands

As the interest rates are high for a long time, many house hunters were suppressing their demands, including the new immigrants looking for housing.

However, if the market conditions improve and their income level rises, all these pent-up demands will come out even if they remain high.

Many parts of Canada, including Vancouver and Toronto, have already seen strong housing demands amidst the ever-rising pricing situation.

4. Construction rates

This factor can affect your house’s value in two ways. 

Either, the rise in demands for housing, as it seems the market will experience shortly, will adversely affect the value of your property if the construction companies can keep up with the rising demands. Hence, if the supply becomes higher than the demands, naturally, your pre-owned property’s price will fall.

It may also happen that with the fear of the rising prices, the construction companies can minimize their construction rates. Then you will have a great scope to demand high pricing for your property when all the pent-up demands for housing will burst out, and there will not be enough supply in the market.

5. Deteriorating economic health

If the economy shows a downward curve, then many potential house buyers will back down.

If the situation comes that short term interest rates are more profitable than long term interest rates, many investors will refrain from investing in real estate.

Currently, as Canada’s economy is going through inflation, the government has taken up the policy of high rates of interest to reduce the impact of inflation.

However, when the economy recovers, with better jobs and higher levels of income, people will be able to handle the housing costs, and hence the demand will rise.

6. Local differences

Besides all the factors affecting the nation’s economy, housing prices, to some extent, depending on the regional factors. The prices of the houses vary from place to place. So, whether the property’s value will fall or not depends on the demand and supply of housing in that particular area.


These are some of the factors you may check, which can either take the value of your property up or down. Though you may not have much to do regarding the same, however knowledge for somethings can also be bliss.

MTL GROUP is a property management and financing company, operating in the Greater Montreal area in Quebec. Our professionals are just a phone call away to assist you with your property management and financing needs.

Real Estate Selling

The Steps To Follow If You Want To Sell Your House

Selling your house is not an easy job. Finding out potential buyers, who are willing to give you a price that you are demanding, does not happen overnight. It requires time and effort.

However, if you are selling your home, where you have stayed for a long time, you will also be required not to be emotional about the house. At that time, more than your emotions, the monetary value of the house will matter the most to your buyers. So, you also have to think practically and make decisions accordingly.

Now let’s see how you need to follow the steps for successfully selling your house off to a buyer in the Greater Montreal Area.

Appoint the best property management company

You can do the selling by yourself, but you may not want to invest so much time on all the documentation, finding potential buyers, setting up a price after researching similar other properties, getting the best price, etc. A realtor will take off all these responsibilities against their e fee.

It is best to go for a realtor or referral basis. You can interview a few and appoint one based on their knowledge, experience, success rate, and the amount of commission they are demanding.

Set your price

Your realtor will do the research and analyze the prices of other similar houses in your locality. You have to study the report and set a price for your house.

However, set a realistic price, which will be a fair deal for both you and the buyer. Do not go for a too high unrealistic price that may cost you your potential buyers.

Be ready with the agreement

Discuss with your realtor whether to go for exclusive listing or multiple listing. Multiple listing will give greater exposure to your house.

Your listing agreement should include all the financial options, list price, commission payable, and what other items will the buyer get with the house. You will also have to disclose any defects that your house has.

Make your house ready for sale

Your house should be clean and tidy before buyers start to visit. Do all the repairs beforehand. Try not to keep family pictures or other personal things in the rooms to allow the buyers to have a neutral image.

There are professionals available whose job is to redecorate and make your house appealing to a wide range of buyers. If you want, you can take their help.

Review your offers

Once you start receiving offers, you can either accept or reject them or counter offer them.

Offers will come with the offered price, date of completion, date of possession, and any fixtures that the buyer demands to be done by the house owner before the transaction occurs.

Once both the parties agree on all the points, then only the deal will be sealed.

Schedule for a home inspection

This is a standard procedure conducted and paid by the buyers. Sellers will have to make the house available for it. 

Usually, nothing much comes out of it, but if any major issue is being discovered, the buyer either gets a discounted price or accepts the defect with the original price.

Close the deal

You should always take the assistance of your legal advisor and your financial advisor at the time of closing the deal. They can check all the documents of the deal and can also handle your mortgage. If you are planning to purchase another property, then you may be able to transfer it there.


There is no shortcut for selling a house, but if you follow these few steps diligently, then you may find the process less complicated. And having a realtor from the very beginning is strongly recommended.

MTL GROUP is a property management and financing company, operating in the Greater Montreal area in Quebec. Our professionals are just a phone call away to assist you with your property management and financing needs.

Rental Property

4 Things To Think About Before You Buy A Rental Property

It may sound very fancy when someone says that they have purchased a house of their own, but you cannot imagine the depth of the amount of money and time required to maintain a home properly until you are making that investment.

Though investing in real estate is no doubt a fascinating way of investing your funds, but before you take a dip into that pool, you should be well prepared and well aware of the market.

Here are some tips for you if you think of buying rental property in the Greater Montreal Area.

Decide your purpose for buying the property

You will need different kinds of house depending on whether you want to make it your home or want to have tenants in that house.

But if you are going to buy it only for investment purposes and your target is to sell it later at a higher value, you have to carefully study the high and lows of the market.

Buy it when the market is low so that you can sell it when the market is at its peak, and you will gain a hefty amount out of the transaction.

Having financial stability

Buying a rental property is not an easy task. You have to pay at least 20%-35% of the total cost upfront, and you will also have to show a valid source of funds for the rest of your payments within 90 days.

Hence there is no need to say that you have to be very sound financially before you enter the real estate market. Make sure you have enough funds to survive the investment, and it is better if you use your own money rather than the borrowed fund, as the professionals suggest.

Maintain continuous cash flow

Buying a house implies you also have to maintain it. And maintenance causes a lot of expenses. Starting from buying insurance for the property as soon as you buy it to paying all the utility bills every month will cost you quite a lot.

If you keep tenants, you will have some rental income, but the expenses can sometimes exceed the income, as you cannot expect tenants throughout the year. So you also have to consider this gap between rental income and expense.

However, the good thing is if you face a loss, then you can deduct it from your other incomes, which will cause a reduction in your tax payment.

Researching about the property

Firstly, before buying a property, always check its resale value so that you do not have to regret it later if you fail to find a profitable selling proposal for it.

Also, check the locality’s crime rate, the availability of emergency services, or stores for essential commodities. All these will help you decide whether you should make the payment or not and will help you set the rent level and check whether the locality has the scope of further developments.

All these together will affect the resale value of your property.


These are few things to consider before jumping to any investment opportunity on rental properties in the Greater Montreal Area. 

Many property management firms in the Greater Montreal Area are there to guide you in the process and take care of your property, but they will also take a big chunk out of your rental income.

So think twice and prepare yourself well before you buy any rental property.

MTL GROUP is a property management and financing company, operating in the Greater Montreal area in Quebec. Our professionals are just a phone call away to assist you with your property management and financing needs.

Real Estate Buying

Are You Really Ready For A Real Estate Investment?

We all look forward to having some safety net to fall back on in critical times with growing age. For enjoying such a pleasure of worrying less in old age, you need to plan your finances carefully from an early age.

Recently we are seeing many people are into the idea of Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE). 

The trick is to make smart investments while still young to strengthen your income sources for the future.

Though investing in real estate can be a good option, the return can also be attractive, but it requires a lot of planning, research, and hard work. Let’s see some of the factors you need to consider before deciding about investing in a piece of land or a house property in the Greater Montreal area.

Check your savings

Buying a piece of land or a house can be costly. Moreover, if you are purchasing a home to rent it out, you will also have to bear the maintenance cost.

Experts say that people should not take a huge loan to invest in real estate. So, it is better if you have sufficient funds in your savings to purchase with a little down payment.

Even if you are taking a mortgage loan for buying a house, make sure that you have, at least, the funds to make mortgage payments even if you do not have any income in the form of house rents during the early phase.

Be ready to incur some expenses

The purchase of a new house can come with a lot of added expenses. Repairing it, maintaining it, paying taxes, buying insurance for the home, and building it into a house, which is well-equipped with all modern utilities, all these can put a hole in your pocket. 

Even after you find tenants, it’s better to keep aside the first few months’ rents and create a fund out of it to sustain any future expense on the house. 

So, be ready because your financial pressure will not end only at buying the house. It is just the beginning. A series of various other expenses will follow in the future.

Be sure about the neighbourhood

If your house’s location has a bad reputation for security or if the place is too far away from the city, not having good essential services like departmental stores, hospitals, etc. then finding tenants can be a difficult task. So, do proper research about the neighbourhood before you buy a property.

If you are buying a piece of land, evaluate its future value before making a final decision. Like, if it’s in the outskirts, then find out if there is any chance of a town developing nearby so that you will have an idea about your future returns from the investment.

Be prepared to accept the income gap

It is unrealistic to believe that you will always have tenants. There can be times when there will be no tenants, so no income. You should be mentally ready to accept that gap in your income flow.

And if this rent is one of the primary sources of your livelihood, then you should make plans beforehand to withstand this uncertainty.


In conclusion, we can state that investing in real estate is not always rainbows and sunshine. It comes with a lot of uncertainty, and it demands the ability to bear added expenses.

Maybe you can start by renting out a floor of your duplex apartment. Thus, gain experience, and then you can try your hands at the best properties in the Greater Montreal area. Also, you can hire a good property management company in the Greater Montreal area to help you with real estate investments.

And if you think that you are prepared can take up all these responsibilities of investing in real estate, then only go for it.

MTL GROUP is a property management and financing company, operating in the Greater Montreal area in Quebec. Our professionals are just a phone call away to assist you with your property management and financing needs.

Real Estate Buying

Insurance Hacks That First Time Home Buyers Should Use

Being a first-time house buyer, you may seem to be all excited about the changes that will come in your living situation and lifestyle. It is not all about partying with your friends at your new place and having full freedom; it is also about taking up many responsibilities.

Once you get the house of your choice, now it is time to think about how you will take care of your home. And here comes home insurance. Opting for proper insurance is very important, as it will benefit you a lot in the future. However, checking the terms and conditions of the insurance you are signing up for is more important.

Here are some hacks that you can use for your home insurance policy –

Don’t keep your home vacant

Many people don’t know this, but keeping your home vacant for a long time can make your insurance policy invalid. So, if you are away on a vacation or a business trip, make sure to appoint any of your trusted people to visit your place regularly. Otherwise, you may find yourself with null and void insurance in times of need of your insurance.

Protect yourself from water damage

If your house is located in a region prone to floods, heavy rainfall, or tornados, you should definitely check for the Overland Flooding Coverage in your policy. That clause can save you from putting a strain on your monthly budget. Repairing your house every time for the damages caused due to natural calamities by paying from your pocket can be a real pressure.

Practice regular maintenance of your home

Do not be lazy about your home’s maintenance. If you find something wrong somewhere, then repair it immediately before it leads to some big damage in the future. You may think that a crack in the floor is small, and it does not require immediate attention, but when it leads to something serious like a flooded basement, it will be a problem for you. As insurance companies perform a thorough investigation, when they will find out that you had put off the work for a long time, they will not pay anything for repairing it.

Check that your house is insurable before moving in

Insurance companies generally come with a list of things that say that the presence of those things in your house makes it disapprove of getting it insured. Like the presence of lead pipes, galvanized pipes, an electrical system which runs on 60 amps, knob or tube wiring, aluminum wiring, wood-burning stove, any crack on the foundation, all these will lead to a direct “no” from the insurance providers. 

If you have found your dream home, you have to replace such things before moving into the place and then getting it insured, otherwise moving on to check the next house.

Know about your claim value

There is a common notion that most people possess that the insurance company will make reimbursement as per the market value of the property in case of any damage. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Insurance companies evaluate the repair or the rebuilding expense and make payments accordingly.


Just like we say, “Prevention is better than cure,” similarly, it is better to have relevant knowledge about your home insurance rather than be clueless in times when in a critical time, you will be actually in need of it.

Knowing about these facts will only help you to plan better and be prepared for any future events.

MTL GROUP is a property management and financing company, operating in the Greater Montreal area in Quebec. Our professionals are just a phone call away to assist you with your property management and financing needs.

Real Estate Buying

5 Tips For The Singles – If You Are Buying A Home

Growing up in a full house with your own complete family is beyond doubt a blessing, but after a certain age, we all start yearning for a place which we can say is entirely ours. Though the urge to stay alone is not the only reason for single people to stay away from their family, it can also be due to the requirement of their job or higher education.

Having your own house and staying alone not only brings freedom, but it also brings a lot of responsibilities. Hence it will be only beneficial if you become a bit more responsible before you start living alone and have some practice while searching for a perfect home for yourself.

Here are some tips for you to follow if you are single and are currently looking for a home to purchase in the Greater Montreal area –

1. Stay within your budget.  

The first decision that you have to take is regarding your finances. How much money you are willing to spend on the house, or whether you want to take a home loan for it. These are the first few things to consider. If you decide on taking a loan, then you have to maintain a good credit score beforehand. It is advisable not to go for something which will fall hard on you if you go through a financial crisis while your loan is not fully cleared.

2. Be careful about the location.

Though the location should be based on your preference of where you would like to stay, within the city or on the outskirts, you should also consider certain things while making that decision like the distance of your workplace or educational institution from your house, the safety, security of the locality, availability of emergency services, etc. Before you move into a home, you should check the crime rate of that locality, interact a little with the neighbourhood people with whom you can bond, and know more about the place. You can find many great properties for sale in the Greater Montreal area.

3. Check resale value.

It is better to know the resale value of the house in which you are moving in. So, when it’s time for you to move out, you do not face a hard time in finding a buyer to whom you can hand it over.

4. Choose an agent that suits you.

Real estate agents have different characteristics. Each one has their own specialty. So, be careful about whom you are giving the responsibility to show you your future home. Preferably choose someone who has experience in finding out suitable houses for the singles. Do proper research for the best property management company in the Greater Montreal area and finalize one.

5. Have trusted support.

It is better to have a trusted friend or a family member when you are going on a search for your home. Having a second opinion is always better. You can discuss the advantages and limitations of the places that your agent will show you with them and then finally make a constructive decision after evaluating all the aspects.


The idea of staying alone can be all fun, but it is important to choose the right home for yourself to make it happen. And two other most important things that you should keep in check once you start living on your own is your finances and your home security. Make sure you set up a security system at home and also be responsible for your spending. Do not deplete your savings completely, and you will be tagged as a responsible adult.

MTL GROUP is a property management and financing company, operating in the Greater Montreal area in Quebec. Our professionals are just a phone call away to assist you with your property management and financing needs.

Property Financing

Things to Know About Secured Loans And Mortgage

Having a house is not only about a place where you stay or a property on which you have invested, intending to turn it into a source of income, but there is much more to it. It is an asset that you possess, which you can use in your favour if you are ever in a crisis.

Having a house makes your financial portfolio stronger, and you can easily get a loan.

How Having A House Benefits Secured Personal Loans?

Your house can act as your collateral, and thus not only will your loan get approved quickly, but you will also get it at a lower rate of interest.

A secured loan can get you cleared of consumer debts like your credit card bills. And repayment of your loan on time will help you to improve your credit score.

Overall, we can say that if you are a house owner and you need some liquid funds, use the house in your favour.

A loan is also a kind of debt. When you take up a loan to solve one problem, you also must remember that the loan debt is also becoming a burden on your shoulder. So, it is only better to make all the payments for the loan as soon as possible.

How to clear your loan faster?

Increase the amount of monthly payment

Once you clear your other debts and are somewhat in a stable position, you can increase the monthly payment for the mortgage loan you have taken. For example, if it was $50 previously, make it $100. This will reduce your mortgage years by several years. And in turn, you will save a lot, as the interest money will come down by a considerable margin.

Instead of monthly, you can also make weekly or bi-weekly payments, if you can make it.

Make lump-sum payments

Check your mortgage contract. If you are allowed, then you can also make lump-sum payments along with the regular payments. This will also help you pay off the loan early, and you can save money by paying less interest.

However, do not pay anything exceeding the prepayment privilege value. Then you will have to face the prepayment penalty, and it will become an extra expense.

Being a homeowner, you can also consider refinancing your home. You can gain many benefits from it. Like:

  1. There will be lower rates of interest, so the monthly installment amount will also decrease.
  1. It leads to consolidating debt. Thus, there will be free liquid cash in your hand to take care of other debts that have high interest, like credit card bills.
  1. If you get extra funds from any source like work promotion or tax refund, use it to make mortgage payments. Refinancing an open mortgage can help you to get better prepayment privileges. However, if the interest rate drops, you should stick to the fixed-rate system to take advantage of the low-interest rates.


In conclusion, it can be said that using your house for getting loans and paying off debts is an intelligent decision. You have to be smart while making these financial decisions, and then you can solve any of your debt situations smoothly, without taking too much pressure.

Property Management

When Should You Hire A Property Management Company?

Hiring a professional property management company in Greater Montreal has several advantages, as it increases the value of your property investment. The investment in a property management company is crucial for those who decide it based on an individual’s requirement as a business owner and investor. 

Here are some major benefits of hiring a property management company in Greater Montreal:

Tenants Requirement

There are a lot of situations or an event in which your tenant requires your presence. Such a situation can be Emergencies, resolving the Disputes among tenants or neighbours, organizing parties by your tenant at night, which might disturb the neighbours. In this case, not all the property owners will be available or can come on an instance basis to resolve these concerns. In this scenario, a property management company is required.

Wherever you are staying

It matters a lot if you are staying near your rental apartment as it plays a significant role in your decision to hire a property management company. As if you are residing nearby, it is easy for you to visit your property, upgrade, handle tenant needs, and then get back to your home. But for those staying far away from their rental property, then a property management company is required to look after all the concerns related to your unit.

Managing struggle

It has been seen that some property owners become excited about the process of managing their property. Still, if you are having difficulty balancing your time or meeting the property’s demands, you need to seek help before it leads to more problems. Dealing with stress is a concern for any landlord’s day-to-day property management in Canada.

Focus on your goals

Lastly, think about your short and long term goals or desires you have. If you plan to own one property forever, then managing it yourself can be quite difficult if you stay far away from that place. Also, if you want to increase your profit margin by doubling the amount of time and attention you put into your properties, then for that, also, the property management team is required. 


Overall, even owing to a single property may be beneficial for you to invest in a management company in the Greater Montreal area. Since you won’t be able to handle all the issues all alone, so it may be beneficial for you to invest in the best property management company.

MTL GROUP is a property management and financing company, operating in the Greater Montreal area in Quebec. Our professionals are just a phone call away to assist you with your property management and financing needs.

Rental Property

Rental Property Upgrades That Will Really Pay Off

Finally, you decided to put your rental property for rent in Greater Montreal. But, before making any commitment, you need to think about which property rental upgrades will really pay you off?

So, before making any upgrading, here are a few guidelines on what rental property upgrades will always give you a good return on investment irrespective of what type of property you possess.

Refurbish your apartment 

It will enhance your rental apartment’s beauty with a fresh coat of paint by transforming the look. Nowadays, many great neutral colours such as grey and white shades are in trend. Always make sure to stick to semi-gloss paints, which reflect the light.

Repair the Floors of your rental property

Whenever you think about upgrading your rental property, firstly, the floors of your apartment are an excellent investment. Refurbishing the Floors such as hardwood is modern, and besides this, it is easy to keep it tidy. If your pocket doesn’t allow you to bear hardwood’s cost, you can consider another option, such as bamboo, for the flooring system.

Fixing the lighting system

Great lighting can enhance your rental property’s beauty from dark and dingy to quite attractive and charming. Going for the modern lighting system will give your apartment a fashionable look. So, to glorify your apartment, it is recommended to use track lighting or wall accent lighting, which can surely brighten up the darker spaces. Also, add lighting control systems to set their area as per their mood and save money over time.

Refurbished the Bedroom Area

Adding a bedroom or refurbishing the existing one will surely add value to your rental property. You can go from a two-bedroom home to a three-bedroom for more rental income, which will help you earn more rental income.

Design the Bathroom Area

Just put up the modern sink and add on some new hardware to the cabinets. If the toilet of your apartment appears old and dirty, replace it. Also, to beautify your bathroom, add a new mirror, and finally, your renovation is done.

Upgrading kitchen

After the bathroom, the kitchen is another area of focus for renters. Ensure that your kitchen is thoroughly clean and tidy along with the inside of all the cupboards and drawers. Usually, you can easily replace broken tiles in your kitchen area rather than retiling the whole floor. Also, don’t forget to paint the cabinets and drawers. If your apartment doesn’t have a dishwasher, then try to add a new one. It would help if you stuck to classic design and neutral colours. To add some more charm, you can also add some latest wallpaper designs.


By spending a little amount from your pocket, you can surely upgrade your rental property rental in Greater Montreal, which will pay you off later.

MTL GROUP is a property management and financing company, operating in the Greater Montreal area in Quebec. Our professionals are just a phone call away to assist you with your property management and financing needs.