Let us manage your property

Property management, rent collection and maintenance service

Property management

property owners trust us with their real estate assets. We offer an array of services to make sure the properties are well-managed and grow in value over time.

Rental Management

  • Understanding the property and your expectations.
  • Digital Marketing campaign of the property through proper channels by highlighting the advantages.
  • Setting up a reception and telephone response team to handle queries about the property.
  • Setting up meetings with selected high-value candidates.
  • Taking care of accommodation process paperwork.

Accounting Management

  • Managing rent collection and deposits to the owner.
  • Monitoring and managing operating expenses.
  • Budget preparation, monitoring, and revisions according to market trends.
  • Managing supplier relationships, payment, payroll, reconciliations.
  • Executing monthly and yearly accounting activities.
  • Providing up to date various reports to the owner for transparency, easy monitoring, and excellent collaboration.
  • Access live reporting 24*7


  • Handling tenants’ requests with priority and their timely resolution.
  • Enforcing building regulations and making sure they are followed.
  • Managing all required communication with tenants.
  • Implementing government and municipal authorities guidelines and stay up to date.
  • Maintaining and updating various building registers with day to day information.
  • Settling up any dispute and case law with a specialist lawyer.

Operations Management

  • Preparing a plan of action to ensure the building and tenants’ safety.
  • Periodic inspection and maintenance/renovation activities.
  • Complaint resolution and emergency service around the clock.
  • Handling supplier negotiations and subscriptions.
  • Staff management including contractors and subcontractors.
  • Coordination between different contractual staff.


Most frequent questions and answers

To answer simply, any portfolio greater than 10 unit with a medium quality and rental price can be 5% +/- of the gross rents, and anything 10 units and below will usually be around the 10% range +/-.

The only way to give an estimate is after analysing your rent role, quality of the property, tenants, rents, and location all go into giving an estimate.

No, whatever the cost is, is what the owner pays.

If you would want to have over 50 years of collective experience, better service, better profitability, and quality for your property, use us.

Another aspect which may not be calculated is, the geographic location of your investment property.

  1. It’s practically impossible to effectively manage the property that are long distances. A property manager can be available to the tenants 24/7 and will have quicker access to resources for emergency maintenance situations.
  2. An owner limits the properties that they can own, by his/her ability, which means a more profitable building can be out of reach. Using a manager can give you further properties, that you may not have considered. This can bring you a better return on investments.

Our services are completely tax deductible. Another question one should ask themselves is how much is my time worth? Also, how many mistakes will a property manager catch that an owner will not?

We are well versed in the rules and regulations of the Régie du lodgement. If we cannot settle them amicably then we are not fearful of using those tools.

Our office has a 24/7 call centre with many different agents that can handle urgencies if they were to occur in the middle of the night.

1 Year Contract.

No, if after the probation period of 3 months any client decides they want to cancel the contract, they can do so with a 60 notice. The contract will be cancelled without any additional fees.

We offer turnkey services and many custom arrangements to your needs.

We know that cashflow is quite important to all our clients that may be heavily leveraged, therefore we take our management payments on the 15th of ever month to give breathing room for the client who need it.

In most cases we can represent a client very easily. If advanced solutions are required then we come up with custom tools for you, but 95% of cases can be settled in house.

At anytime of day or night (24/7) an owner can access his/her owner profile. This will show you, who has paid, what method, any outstanding payments, when tenants are moving, tenant related documents, repairs in progress, and an unlimited amount of additional information. This is available to all owners at anytime and in real time.