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Rental Property Upgrades That Will Really Pay Off

So, before making any upgrading, here are the few guidelines on what rental property upgrades will always give you a good return on investment irrespective of what type of property you possess.

Finally, you decided to put your rental property for rent in Greater Montreal. But, before making any commitment, you need to think about which property rental upgrades will really pay you off?

So, before making any upgrading, here are a few guidelines on what rental property upgrades will always give you a good return on investment irrespective of what type of property you possess.

Refurbish your apartment 

It will enhance your rental apartment’s beauty with a fresh coat of paint by transforming the look. Nowadays, many great neutral colours such as grey and white shades are in trend. Always make sure to stick to semi-gloss paints, which reflect the light.

Repair the Floors of your rental property

Whenever you think about upgrading your rental property, firstly, the floors of your apartment are an excellent investment. Refurbishing the Floors such as hardwood is modern, and besides this, it is easy to keep it tidy. If your pocket doesn’t allow you to bear hardwood’s cost, you can consider another option, such as bamboo, for the flooring system.

Fixing the lighting system

Great lighting can enhance your rental property’s beauty from dark and dingy to quite attractive and charming. Going for the modern lighting system will give your apartment a fashionable look. So, to glorify your apartment, it is recommended to use track lighting or wall accent lighting, which can surely brighten up the darker spaces. Also, add lighting control systems to set their area as per their mood and save money over time.

Refurbished the Bedroom Area

Adding a bedroom or refurbishing the existing one will surely add value to your rental property. You can go from a two-bedroom home to a three-bedroom for more rental income, which will help you earn more rental income.

Design the Bathroom Area

Just put up the modern sink and add on some new hardware to the cabinets. If the toilet of your apartment appears old and dirty, replace it. Also, to beautify your bathroom, add a new mirror, and finally, your renovation is done.

Upgrading kitchen

After the bathroom, the kitchen is another area of focus for renters. Ensure that your kitchen is thoroughly clean and tidy along with the inside of all the cupboards and drawers. Usually, you can easily replace broken tiles in your kitchen area rather than retiling the whole floor. Also, don’t forget to paint the cabinets and drawers. If your apartment doesn’t have a dishwasher, then try to add a new one. It would help if you stuck to classic design and neutral colours. To add some more charm, you can also add some latest wallpaper designs.


By spending a little amount from your pocket, you can surely upgrade your rental property rental in Greater Montreal, which will pay you off later.

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