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5 Tips For The Singles – If You Are Buying A Home

Having your own house and staying alone not only brings freedom, but it also brings a lot of responsibilities.

Growing up in a full house with your own complete family is beyond doubt a blessing, but after a certain age, we all start yearning for a place which we can say is entirely ours. Though the urge to stay alone is not the only reason for single people to stay away from their family, it can also be due to the requirement of their job or higher education.

Having your own house and staying alone not only brings freedom, but it also brings a lot of responsibilities. Hence it will be only beneficial if you become a bit more responsible before you start living alone and have some practice while searching for a perfect home for yourself.

Here are some tips for you to follow if you are single and are currently looking for a home to purchase in the Greater Montreal area –

1. Stay within your budget.  

The first decision that you have to take is regarding your finances. How much money you are willing to spend on the house, or whether you want to take a home loan for it. These are the first few things to consider. If you decide on taking a loan, then you have to maintain a good credit score beforehand. It is advisable not to go for something which will fall hard on you if you go through a financial crisis while your loan is not fully cleared.

2. Be careful about the location.

Though the location should be based on your preference of where you would like to stay, within the city or on the outskirts, you should also consider certain things while making that decision like the distance of your workplace or educational institution from your house, the safety, security of the locality, availability of emergency services, etc. Before you move into a home, you should check the crime rate of that locality, interact a little with the neighbourhood people with whom you can bond, and know more about the place. You can find many great properties for sale in the Greater Montreal area.

3. Check resale value.

It is better to know the resale value of the house in which you are moving in. So, when it’s time for you to move out, you do not face a hard time in finding a buyer to whom you can hand it over.

4. Choose an agent that suits you.

Real estate agents have different characteristics. Each one has their own specialty. So, be careful about whom you are giving the responsibility to show you your future home. Preferably choose someone who has experience in finding out suitable houses for the singles. Do proper research for the best property management company in the Greater Montreal area and finalize one.

5. Have trusted support.

It is better to have a trusted friend or a family member when you are going on a search for your home. Having a second opinion is always better. You can discuss the advantages and limitations of the places that your agent will show you with them and then finally make a constructive decision after evaluating all the aspects.


The idea of staying alone can be all fun, but it is important to choose the right home for yourself to make it happen. And two other most important things that you should keep in check once you start living on your own is your finances and your home security. Make sure you set up a security system at home and also be responsible for your spending. Do not deplete your savings completely, and you will be tagged as a responsible adult.

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