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a high-return real estate investment option?

If you are searching for a strategic real estate investment with strong financial aspects, consider investing in a revenue property (multiplex – multifamily).

A revenue property is usually a building with more than two separate units. It is a large building that requires more work in terms of property management and maintenance.

The revenue property is a lucrative investment vehicle that offers a great return on the investment. it is becoming more and more popular investment option among high-value real estate investors that are looking for above-average year-on-year growth.

Benefits of Investment in a Revenue Property –

  1. Higher cash flow with more control over the value and appreciation.
  2. Scalability with strong financial sense.
  3. Less overall maintenance cost with multiple tenants sharing common amenities.
  4. Mitigate vacancy risks due to a larger pool of tenants.
  5. Easy and better financing options as compared to single-family real estate.
  6. Attractive portfolio with much greater value and in less time.

Why choose us for

revenue property investment and management in the Greater Montreal area?

A revenue property is a large building that requires more time and involvement to evaluate, acquire, operate and oversee, as compared to typical a single-family property.

While buying a revenue property, you will need to consider more advanced financial metrics, such as capitalization rate, ROI, and rental rates among others, to get a deal that matches your expectations as an investor.

After the acquisition, if you are not well-experienced in property management, you will find yourself in a tiresome job with the likelihood of tenants’ dissatisfaction over time and an impact on your revenue.

With our exceptional property management and finance experience, we help you with the evaluation, acquisition and operations of revenue properties in the Greater Montreal Area. Take a look at what we can do for you –

  1. Evaluating a revenue property (multiplex – multifamily)
  2. Handling the buying process
  3. Marketing and tenant selection
  4. Rent collection
  5. Finance management
  6. Complete maintenance, repairing and renovation
  7. Manage taxes
  8. Revenue optimization and much more.


Revenues properties are a strategical investment from the economy of scale point of view. More often, these investments generate high returns and build an impressive portfolio for investors.
We consider advance financial metrics such as capitalization rate, ROI, rental rates along with an analytical look at the market trends to decide on the deal.
A good capitalisation rate (CAPRATE) for revenue property ranges between 4-10%. However, it is important to take market demand and competition into account for a good deal.

We have a specialized team for managing the operations of revenue properties as it requires a more comprehensive approach than a typical rental unit.

The market does not have as much of an effect on these types of investments. Real Estate is one of the safest investments if the manager can keep vacancy low, and as long as the investors are not too leveraged.

You will need to look for a good property and do a lot of advanced financial number crunching. After that, it will require a good amount of time investment to operate and manage the property. If you are looking for a full service for the revenue property acquisition, give us a call.