Real Estate Selling

The Steps To Follow If You Want To Sell Your House

Selling your house is not an easy job. Finding out potential buyers, who are willing to give you a price that you are demanding, does not happen overnight. It requires time and effort.

However, if you are selling your home, where you have stayed for a long time, you will also be required not to be emotional about the house. At that time, more than your emotions, the monetary value of the house will matter the most to your buyers. So, you also have to think practically and make decisions accordingly.

Now let’s see how you need to follow the steps for successfully selling your house off to a buyer in the Greater Montreal Area.

Appoint the best property management company

You can do the selling by yourself, but you may not want to invest so much time on all the documentation, finding potential buyers, setting up a price after researching similar other properties, getting the best price, etc. A realtor will take off all these responsibilities against their e fee.

It is best to go for a realtor or referral basis. You can interview a few and appoint one based on their knowledge, experience, success rate, and the amount of commission they are demanding.

Set your price

Your realtor will do the research and analyze the prices of other similar houses in your locality. You have to study the report and set a price for your house.

However, set a realistic price, which will be a fair deal for both you and the buyer. Do not go for a too high unrealistic price that may cost you your potential buyers.

Be ready with the agreement

Discuss with your realtor whether to go for exclusive listing or multiple listing. Multiple listing will give greater exposure to your house.

Your listing agreement should include all the financial options, list price, commission payable, and what other items will the buyer get with the house. You will also have to disclose any defects that your house has.

Make your house ready for sale

Your house should be clean and tidy before buyers start to visit. Do all the repairs beforehand. Try not to keep family pictures or other personal things in the rooms to allow the buyers to have a neutral image.

There are professionals available whose job is to redecorate and make your house appealing to a wide range of buyers. If you want, you can take their help.

Review your offers

Once you start receiving offers, you can either accept or reject them or counter offer them.

Offers will come with the offered price, date of completion, date of possession, and any fixtures that the buyer demands to be done by the house owner before the transaction occurs.

Once both the parties agree on all the points, then only the deal will be sealed.

Schedule for a home inspection

This is a standard procedure conducted and paid by the buyers. Sellers will have to make the house available for it. 

Usually, nothing much comes out of it, but if any major issue is being discovered, the buyer either gets a discounted price or accepts the defect with the original price.

Close the deal

You should always take the assistance of your legal advisor and your financial advisor at the time of closing the deal. They can check all the documents of the deal and can also handle your mortgage. If you are planning to purchase another property, then you may be able to transfer it there.


There is no shortcut for selling a house, but if you follow these few steps diligently, then you may find the process less complicated. And having a realtor from the very beginning is strongly recommended.

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