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8 tips to keep your tenants happy and turn them into long-term tenants

keeping your tenants happy is one of the most important jobs in the whole real estate business because its where your revenue comes from

8 tips to keep your tenants happy and turn them into long-term tenants

Managing a rental property can be a complex task. Furnishing the property units, marketing them, screening high-value candidates, setting up meetings, preparing leases and agreements, enforcing rules and regulations, proactive maintenance, and so on are already hectic tasks.

But keeping your tenants happy is one of the most important jobs in the whole real estate business because it’s where your revenue comes from, and tenants’ review will add value to your property. Here are some tips that will help you take care of your tenants’ happiness index.

  1. Establish a gentle and clear relationship with your tenants
    Aim for trouble-free relation with your tenants by making everything clear while preparing all the paperwork for tenants. Let them know exactly what they will need to pay apart from the rent, such as utilities, water bills, etc.

    In addition to that, tell them how they can maintain a good environment on the property and what should be their responsibilities around the property.

  1. Act like a professional
    The landlord/tenant relationship is a two-way road. You want your tenants to be responsible, reliable with no-trouble. Your tenants will also expect you to be a professional landlord with a friendly and flexible nature. Be a gentle professional with them, and they will do the same with you and your property.
  1. Better communication
    Set some clear guidelines for better communication between you and your tenants. Regardless of communication mode, through phone, Whatsapp, or email, you must answer them as soon as possible. If, for some reason, you are not able to do that, delegate someone else for this, or tell your tenants the reason and get back to them as quickly as possible.
  1. Timely maintenance and repair
    Prioritize any request for repair or maintenance and resolve it in the best possible manner. It will make your tenants feel that they are important, and they will want to stay longer.
  1. Take care of long-term tenants.
    Long-term tenants are one of the best things that happen in the rental property business. Make sure that such tenants are taken care of with delight. You can offer them some freebies such as new paints, cleaning services from time to time when required.
  1. Deal with a bad tenant immediately
    At some point in time, every landlord has to deal with a disruptive tenant. It would help if you dealt with them immediately as they can disturb your other tenants, creating a down situation for you. Make sure that other tenants are not getting affected negatively by a bad tenant. If required, go for an eviction.
  1. Respect Privacy
    Nobody wants to be disturbed unnecessarily. Don’t bother your tenants unless they contact you for something. It would help if you still communicate with them, do that with the help of a notice board on the property or friendly email from time to time asking about their well-being.
  1. Token of appreciation
    Good tenants deserve appreciation. Send them cards and small gifts on family holidays. This will motivate them for word-of-mouth promotion of your property and might even turn them into long-term tenants. A rental property should be considered as a business and tenants as clients. Treat them with small gestures of goodness and appreciation, and they will make your revenue go up in lots of different ways.

MTL Group is committed to the happiness of its landlords and their tenants. With our focussed rental property management service, we make sure that both parties take care of each other with mutual expectations.

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